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Throughout history, kitchens have been a place of community; a place where family made food, worked on crafts, bandaged scraped knees, and had important heart-to-heart conversation. In my family, the kitchen has always been the gathering place. This is a place where my online family can come to gather, learn new recipes, discover fun new ideas, and even have the occasional heart-to-heart. PRE-ORDER COOKBOOK Feeding People: hearts, bellies, and souls

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      The great thing about cold weather is the excuse to eat all the comfort food. Today we woke up to one of those blustery days that feel like it's already evening from the moment the sun comes up. It's days like these that make me crave hearty meals like pot roast. There'

      Today is the fifth anniversary of this incredibly amazing day. This was less than one year after I began baking out of my home kitchen. It was, at the time, my greatest professional achievement. It was a day full of hope, pride, achievement, and love. Our mission was to bring together a community and break bread...