Artisan Bread Course

533 students

Learn how to make delicious artisan bread with just four simple ingredients. Sarah Gonzalez a.k.a. The Bread Lady, teaches you her method for creating three different-shaped loaves of bread from the same recipe, showing you her techniques for mixing, forming, and baking. No kneading or mixer required!

You’ll learn some of the foundational rules for basic bread-making and how to create complex flavor using just patience and time. The recipe is included in this lesson plan, as well as written step by step instructions and a list of tools needed for this class.

Students of this course will also be get access to our exclusive club on Facebook, where students and alumni can ask questions, make suggestions, show off what they’ve learned, get exclusive content, and more!


My name is Sarah Gonzalez a.k.a The Bread Lady. I`m a baker, chef, and all around creative. I love food, art and antiques. When I am not creating I am teaching others how to create through food.

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