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As many of you know, yesterday was the last day for @springhillbakery storefront. It was a beautiful end to such a triumphant chapter in our lives. To witness the impact we’ve had on such a wonderful community, to see so many amazing people, work with our amazing staff (and Jen who came back just to help with yesterday), hundreds of hugs and words of encouragement has all been so incredibly moving and I will be forever grateful for every person we have served in our little shop.
. . . 
Now it is time for an intermission. A time to reconnect with my little family. A time to feel all of my feelings. A time to rest and renew. A time to rediscover parts of my life I felt had permanently been stuck on the back burner. And a time to set the stage for our next act. 
. . .
What comes next is so very exciting. It will be challenging, and creative, and adventurous, and will still include much of what I wanted but could not do for our community before the change. 
. . .  
Thank you for all of your support and love through this journey. I am truly grateful.

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