Goat Cheese & Mixed Berry Ice Cream

10 minutes for custard, 45-60 min for churning


For lovers of personal challenges AND gourmet pairings in ice cream, I present to you this sweet treat. As a chef and food lover, it’s always fun to bring together ingredients in new delicious ways.

So, what are two of my favorite things? Cheese and ice cream. You don’t often find them together outside of cheesecake-inspired ice cream.

 Could I bring together Goat Cheese and sweet-tart berries in a bowl of home-churned ice cream? The flavors work well in other types of food (like on gourmet toast). How would it work in a dessert? Turns out, it’s really delicious. Very satisfying on a warm summer evening.

 Now if you’ve never made homemade ice cream, these are the tools you’ll need.

  • electric or manual ice cream maker
  • sauce pan
  • instant thermometer
  • mesh sieve for straining
  • heat-safe bowl
  • whisk 
  • large loaf pan or resealable container

Make it Creamier

A trick I learned from Alton Brown (cook, tv personality, and one of my personal heroes) is to add jam or preserves to your ice cream mix if you like a really creamy scoop.  Use jam by itself or in addition to your choice of fresh berries. The pectin in the jam or preserves makes the ice cream even more creamy. I tend to use both, or at the very least, serve the finished ice cream with fresh berries to take advantage of in-season fruit.

 TIP: Make sure both the goat cheese and jam are cold. This helps with the freezing process while churning.

Goat cheese and berry ice cream cone
Add crushed pistachios for a little crunch!

 Ready for it? Let’s get mixing. 

How long does it take to make? Long enough to make your mouth water. Realistically, though, it depends on your ice cream maker.

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Adjust Servings
4 egg yolks
1cup whole milk
2cups heavy cream
2/3cup granulated sugar
1pinch kosher salt
110 oz jar high-quality berry preserves
8ounces crumbled goat cheese



Make the Custard

1. Separate the eggs, removing as much of the whites as you can. Place the yolks in a heat safe bowl. 2. Over medium heat, whisk together the milk, cream, salt, and sugar in a sauce pan. Stir until sugar is dissolved, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. 3. Whisk the yolks vigorously while slowly pouring in about a cup of the milk mixture. Adding slowly will ensure that your yolks won't curdle. 4. Whisk egg mixture back into sauce pan, and return to heat. Stir constantly until an instant thermometer reads 170. 5. Strain mixture through a mesh sieve back into the heat safe bowl and allow to come to room temperature. 6. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.
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Churn the Ice Cream

1. When you're ready to churn, add 3/4 of both the preserves and goat cheese to the ice cream base and pour into the drum of an ice cream maker. 2. Churn ice cream according to manufacturer's directions. 3. For soft serve, enjoy after churning, garnishing with remaining jam and goat cheese. 4. For more firm ice cream, Transfer half of the ice cream to a resealable container. Distribute half of the remaining jam and goat cheese over the top and swirl with a toothpick. Add the remaining ice cream and top with the rest of the jam and goat cheese. Swirl again, seal, and store in the freezer until ready to consume. Serve with fresh berries.
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